At the Breathe Into Motion Yoga Studios we believe that yoga practice should be inclusive. To facilitate the needs of every individual we have different levels representing a progression of intensity starting with Level 1. This allows those with injuries to recover over time, re-patterning movement skills and improving musculo-skeletal alignment in a step-by-step instructional process. As students progresses from one level to the next, they are increasingly challenged with more difficult yoga postures, further improving core strength, flexibility and balance. With a full complement of levels, those looking for intense yoga workouts or yoga for athletics will find a safe and well designed yoga practice meeting the needs of fitness fanatics and athletics alike.

BIM Yoga System: Level 1 (Beginner & Supplement for Injury Rehab)

BIM Yoga Level 1 will build your foundation. Postural alignment and simple breathing techniques are taught. The focus is on developing an individual posture practice to help you recover from your injuries. (90 minutes)

BIM Yoga System: Level 2 (Intermediate)

BIM Yoga Level 2 will increase your fitness levels gradually. More challenging breathing techniques and yoga postures that require higher levels of overall strength are added to your skill-set. (90 minutes)

BIM Yoga System: Level 3 (Advanced)

BIM Yoga Level 3 will develop your ability to perform advanced yoga postures. You'll dramatically improve your overall physical conditioning, flexibility, coordination, and balance. (90 minutes)

BIM Yoga System: Level 4 (Power - Short Program)

BIM Yoga Level 4 will provide an intense workout. This yoga experience is packed with advanced postures. Skills taught will serve as excellent support for athletic performance and physical conditioning. (90 minutes)

BIM Yoga System: Level 5 (Power - Long Program)

BIM Yoga Level 5 will offer the opportunity to practice the BIM syllabus in its entirety. The commitment of 3 hours is necessary to encompass the extensive posture practice. (3 hours)