link.png Pain and Suffering: Duhkha

There are moments when I mention to students that pain is not the enemy, but rather a friend; the friend that elbows you in the ribs and says, “Stop hurting yourself, I love you!” If you are suffering you may be rolling your eyes right now, but I would implore you to consider the statement above just a moment longer. Physical, emotional, and mental pain represent the opportunity for change.

link.png Discernment: Viveka

he ability to discern between what will improve our quality of life versus what is a detriment to us is not as easy as it appears. In the book of yoga philosophy called the ‘Yoga Sutras,’ written two millennia ago by the sage Patanjali, the idea of ‘correct discernment,’ known as Viveka in Sanskrit language, is a skill to be practiced. Through Viveka many of life’s lessons can be learned painlessly.

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