link.png The Repackaged Yoga Fitness Trend

In the late spring of 2012 I was invited to offer a workshop presentation for the Certified Professional Trainers Network Conference in Toronto on BIM Power Yoga for Athletic Performance, along with teaching a certification program developed by Yoga for Athletes expert Caron Shepley called the CPTN Certified Yoga Specialist course.

link.png Yoga is play for the grown-ups!

On this ‘Family Day’ I wanted to express how important it is to recognize an underlying quality built into yoga practice… yoga is meant to be playful.

link.png Yoga shouldn’t hurt!

There seems to be some confusion in the yoga world about whether posture practice should hurt.

link.png How does Yoga positively impact our emotions?

A while back I wrote a blog called, ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy,’ and in this write up I spoke about the power yoga has to help us emotionally through raising levels of a neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid; but there are several other benefits that yoga offers us for emotional healing included in this post.

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