link.png Can you sweat out toxins?

Yoga instruction is my profession and it’s obvious if you know me, I believe strongly in its benefits, however, sometimes claims by some yoga teachers are made that are unfounded or overstated. One such false assertion is that yoga in extreme heat will allow practitioners to sweat out toxins.

link.png Meditation

Meditation can be an abstract subject so in this blog I would like to shed some light on the classical form of yoga meditation found in an ancient text called the Yoga Sutras.

link.png Group Format Yoga

For many years I have been a fitness instructor, coach, personal trainer and a yoga teacher. These experiences have given insight into how people learn physical activities in a wide variety of settings.

link.png Yoga Cultivates Acceptance

Is handstand inherently too dangerous to practice? Should everyone be able to perform handstand or do the risks of handstand outweigh the benefits? Are there skeletal restrictions that could preclude safe participation? Well, the answer can be found in ancient yoga philosophies and the idea of acceptance.

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