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Ray Murphy Meditation Class
November 30

Join Ray Murphy on November 30 at 1pm for an extraordinary meditation experience. Ray received a meditation teaching certificate from the monks of Thailand & was given the honour of becoming an honorary novice monk.

Socks & Knickers for 'Bridges' Shelter
Month of Novemeber, up to December 6th

Donation bins are in the studio for the 'Socks and Knickers' campaign to help 'The Bridges' Cambridge Homeless Shelter. Bring in packaged socks and/or underwear to be offered as gifts for 'The Bridges' clients.

'Bridges' Shelter Fundraiser
December 6th

'The Bridges' Cambridge Homeless Shelter Fundraiser is December 6 (9:30am-11:00am).
Suggested donation - $20

CPTN Yoga Specialist Certification - Level 3
November 29th

The CPTN Yoga Instructors Course - Level 3: Yoga for Athletes will be held at BIM on November 29 (9:30am-5:30pm).
To register click on the CPTN icon on this homepage.

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Our servicesWhen you join the Breathe Into Motion Yoga Studios, you'll learn to practice yoga in a systematic program format. Each class you participate in is designed to cover a particular criteria of yoga postures and breathing techniques. We ask for a commitment of a full season of classes to meet this goal. Lessons are taught progressively in a level system. For a complete listing of services, click on Services above. For your convenience, we offer a variety of options to meet the needs of your busy schedule. If you cannot make your home base class, we invite you to attend another class of the same level within the week. The schedule offers a number of different time slots for each level. There is a full compliment of classes available both mornings and evenings each week. To view class dates in a session, click on Register above. TestimonialsWe encourage you to review the testimonial section of the website to gain insight into the inspirational experiences of our students. We thank the members of our local medical community for all their referrals and incredible support over the years. We also thank the local running clubs for their continued support. To view the testimonial page, click on Testimonials above.

We are a proud member of Active Cambridge, supporting community health & fitness.



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